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The Kaaskamer of Amsterdam

Come look, smell and taste. Craftmanship and tradition in a very special cheese store. Filled to the brim with the best cheeses from both inside and outside the Netherlands.

We also send our hard cheeses through the mail so cheese-lovers around the world can enjoy what we have to offer. Visit our Webshop and discover our product range.

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Our assortment

Discover more than 350 kinds of local and foreign cheeses.
Next to selling cheese, we also sell wine, beer, homemade salads, charcuterie.

Cheese assortment

More than 350 types of cheeses from all corners of the world

Dutch cheese

We get our Dutch cheeses directly from the farm, or hand select them via wholesalers that ensure that the cheeses ripen perfectly. The Farm cheeses that we sell are made from raw milk, which means that the farmer only processes milk from his own cows. The farm-made cheeses are made on the farm, but not solely from the milk of it’s own cows but also from the milk of cows from neighboring farms. In this case the milk is thermized (under 72 gr.)


Whitemold is a surface culture that forms a thin layer on the crust of the cheese during the ripening process. Whitemold. This mold develops on sweet, creamy cheeses, so called ‘’triple crème cheeses. It can also form on less creamy cheeses like brie and camembert. As the ripen further the flavor becomes stronger. We work with as many raw milk variants as possible because they eventually have the most character.

Red flora

Red flora bacteria are added to the milk and develop during the washing of the cheese, the cheeses can be washed with a number of liquids like; brine, wine, beer or hard liquors. The culture of bacteria is the secret of the craftsman and ultimately decides the flavor of the cheese. This varies from light to strong aromatic flavour. Again, with this group of cheeses we strive to pick as many raw milk cheeses as possible.

Blue cheese

Blue cheeses usually get their blue veins through the addition of roqueforti penicillium. This is a fungus grown on old bread. After preparation these cheeses are often pierced with steel pins to allow the fungus to be pulled evenly through the cheese.

Hard foreign cheese

Our hard cheeses are all about the taste as well. During ripening, often in natural conditions, many things can happen that affect the taste. We often visit Rungis in Paris, the Walhalla for cheese-lovers. Here it is all about the tasting, tasting and tasting again until we have found the perfect cheeses. All that remains is driving a truck to the Runstraat.

Goat & sheep

Goat cheese can be described as fresh and slightly sour, foremost when it is still young. As the ripening process continues the flavor starts to develop into a creamy, full and sometimes even a bit sharp flavour. The freshness at the beginning fits a light white wine with sufficient acidities, which makes the wine and cheese reinforce each other. The goat and sheep cheeses that we get from the Netherlands and France are mostly made from raw milk and are gathered from small, local farms.

We deliver cheeses to restaurants and companies and perform catering services at parties and events.


We deliver cheeses to restaurants and companies and perform catering services at parties and events. An overview of restaurants that serve our cheeses:


We provide and deliver lunches and drinks for companies. Would you like to see what we can do for your lunch table? Get in contact with us.



Looking for a tray with cheeses, olives, charcuterie, nuts, salads and tapenades or one giant plate that covers all delicacies? We deliver readymade trays and decorated plates of the best delicacies.

The Perfect lunch made with the best fresh ingredients.

Our story

In the mid-nineties Loek de Loor started ‘’ De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam’’ in the Runstraat at number 7. Over the years Loek developed a unique assortment by finding a variety of artisan cheeses in both the Netherlands and France.

Meanwhile, his daughter, Sophie de Loor, has taken over the baton with her partner Joost. The owners have changed but the philosophy remains the same. ‘’To collect the best artisan cheeses and bring them to the heart of Amsterdam’’

Great recommendations. Great selection of Dutch cheeses. Great sandwich compositions (if you let the shop experts decide). Good location. Beautiful city

Oliver Bradley


Amazing selection of cheeses and more! Very helpful staff, we were able try many cheeses before buying.

Neil Power


Arrived 1720 hours. Closed! Begged to buy! Negative! When they opened the door for a friend of theirs, I begged again and said, we’re buying about a hundred dollars worth! Got myself an assortment of 4 year old Goudas and other medium-hard raw milk cheeses! Brought them home to California. Family and friends were overly satisfied with the quality!!!

Lito Tesorro


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