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A variety pack with 5 farmhouse goudas.


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A selection of farmhouse Goudas, all made by hand with raw milk from the cheesemaker’s own cows. Taste the pride of the craftsman in these exceptional farmhouse cheeses. We’ve carefully selected varieties that have matured a little longer, bringing out the full character of authentic farmhouse cheese. Try it and enjoy! (All the cheeses in this selection are safe during pregnancy, as listeria bacteria doesn’t survive in hard cheese made from raw milk.)

Boerengoudse Komijn (400gr)

Farmhouse Gouda with cumin seed
Age: approx. one year
The Netherlands ‘ Green Heart is the area of countryside boasting the very best in old-fashioned farmhouse cheeses. The secret recipe for this hand-made cheese has been handed down through the generations. It’s made from raw cow’s milk and cumin seeds.

Boeren Stolwijker  7 months (400gr)

Farmhouse Gouda from Stolwijk
Age: approx. 7 months
Creamy and mild tasting Gouda cheese made with fresh raw milk near the village of Stolwijk, in the Dutch Green Heart, the home of old-fashioned farmstead cheese. The secret recipe is handed on, generation to generation.

Boeren Tynjetaler (400gr)

A firm farmhouse cheese from Friesland.
Age: approx 5 months
A raw milk farmer ‘s speciality from De Gelder dairy near the tiny village of Tijnje, Friesland in the far north of the country. Cheeky cheesemakers Vogel & Ernst have developed a raw milk version of the Swiss pride, Emmental. And it has a lot more flavour too!

Organic Olde Remeker (300gr)

A firm and mature veined cheese of the milk of the Jersey cow
Age: approx. 2 years
Strong but still creamy organic farmhouse cheese made by Jan-Dirk van de Voort on his farm in the village of Lunteren in the province of Gelderland. You can taste the passion of Jan-Dirk in this cheese. Everything on is farm is in balance with nature, organic food, antibiotic free etc.

Boeren Stolwijk 2-3 years (400gr)

A really traditionally made farmhouse cheese Age: 24-36 months
Raw milk gouda cheese made by farmer Wim Verwey from the village IJsselstein in the Green Heart area. Wim is one of the oldest farmers in Holland who daily makes his own cheese from the milk of his own cows. Aging of his cheeses also on his own farm.


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