Goudse Farmhouse 2,5 years old

Vanaf: 8.60

traditional prepared Gouda cheese


This traditional prepared Gouda cheese excels in its uncomparable, full and complex taste. This two year old classic is spicy and for this age and, because of the size, still cuttable, but also delicious whit a drink. For this Farmer Gouda, producers only use raw milk from cown that graze in the field of The Green Hart around Gouda. This cheese of more than 20KGs is only made in the summer with help of wooden barrels and linnen towels. The processing of the raw milk on low temperatures takes expertise and experience, that is why it is included in the Arch of Taste of Slow Food the Netherlands. This cheese is only allowed to be sold after one year of ripening, but is matured up until 3-4 years!

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