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A variety pack with 6 mature cheeses. Full of character.

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Old and Spicy

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Old and Spicy
If you like it old and smelly, this one’s for you. These mature cheeses full of character are perfectly paired with a full-bodied red wine or your favourite local tipple like Dutch gin, grappa, schnapps, brandy, vodka, slivovitz or whatever is brewed up in your corner of the world! Enjoy these after-dinner cheeses with good friends and good conversation.

Brokkel de Brokkel (400gr)

A very mature firm cheese
Age: 3-4 years
This is very hard and mature Dutch cheese which you ’ll have to snap or break to eat as it’s just too hard for the cheese slice. Stong and sweet it’s delicious with a glass of full-bodied wine and enjoyed with good friends.

Friese Nagelkaas (300gr)

Robust and mature from the north of the country
Age: approx. 3 years
A very mature speciality cheese with cloves from Friesland. The Frisians are wonderful people and known for their sturdy, solid character. And they ’re the same characteristics you’ll savour in this amazing robust mature cheese.

Aged goat cheese from Rouveen (400gr)

Since 1909 this pasteurised goat cheese has been made by a farmers cheese cooperative in the village Rouveen near Staphorst. It’s white in colour as the goat filters out the grass’s carotene to use for Vitamine A, removing any orange/yellow colour.

Boeren Stolwijker (400gr)

Age: 2-3 years
A very mature raw milk Gouda cheese from the home of Dutch cheese making very close to the town of Gouda itself in the Green Heart. Hard but still good to cut by slow aging, delicious with a glass of good, full-bodied red wine, invite some friends and enjoy. Pregnant friends can join in too as this is a hard cheese from raw milk.

Goudse Komijn oud (400gr)

Aged Gouda with cumin seed
Made in the province of North Holland and still in the main cheese-making area of the Green Heart, this cheese has a salty base and is quite nutty in flavour.

Aged but creamy organic sheep milk cheese (300gr)

Organic sheep’s cheese from near Gouda
Age: approx. 14 months
Farmer André van Houwelingen has his own organic farm and his own cows, from their milk he daily makes cheese in his cheese dairy. He also makes wonderful sheep and goat milk cheeses from the milk of his neighbors. His passion, craftsmanship and the help of people who needs extra care he really is one of the most wonderful people I ever met.

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