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A variety pack with 6 organic cheeses.

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A varied selection of organic cheeses supplied by independent farmers who we know personally. Each one of them is highly passionate about the environment and care of the animals involved. No artificial fertilisers are used on the grass and any additional food required is also organic. The Alblasserwaard and Bleu de Wolvega cheeses are vegetarian. We carefully chose a balance of taste and variety in putting this selection together.

Saanenhof Bio Geit  (300gr.)

An organic farmhouse goat’s milk cheese
Age: approx. 5 months
Organic and dynamic. Raw milk goat’s cheese from the horned Saanenhof goat. Maria and Jan Wanders live in Heeze, a small village in the province of North Brabant and are passionate cheese-makers  – a passion you’ll savour and enjoy in this pure, creamy cheese.

Bio Wilde Weide (400gr.)

An organic farmhouse cheese
Age: around 6 months
Fresh farmhouse Gouda cheese from Kees and Maria van Galen ’s spiritual farm  in Noordeloos, in the south of the Green Heart.

Bio Schaap Terschelling – Zeekraal (300gr.)

An organic sheep’s milk cheese with Samphire
Organic sheep ’s milk cheese from the stunning island of Terschelling. On their farm in the small village of Oosterend, Jolanda and Gerben Bakker pick fresh samphire, blanch and mix it with the curd to create a delicious blend of flavours in this sheep’s cheese. Hard and from raw milk, this is safe during pregnancy.


Bio Schaap Terschelling – Fenegriek (300gr.)

An organic sheep’s milk cheese with Fenugreek Organic sheep milk cheese from the stunning island of Terschelling. 2007 saw Jolanda and Gerben Bakker win first prize with this organic Fenugreek cheese at a well-known cheese competition in Ermelo. More prizes should follow!! Hard, raw milk cheese is safe to consume when pregnant.

Important: dependent on availability you will receive either Bio Schaap Terschelling – Zeekraal or Bio Schaap Terschelling – Fenegriek

Bio Alblasserwaard (400gr.)

An organic cheese from from the polder.
Age: approx. 10 months
This ripe and organic pasteurised farmhouse cheese is the creation of ambitious farmer, Andr é van Houweligen,  on the Alblasserwaard polder, some 20 miles (30km) south of Gouda. His farm also employs many people with disabilities.

Bio Basilicum/Knoflook (300gr.)

An organic cheese with basil & garlic
Creamy organic cheese from the Bastiaansen Dairy in the village of Molenschot,  North Brabant. This tasty choice is made from fresh cow’s milk with  fragant Basil and Garlic. Hard and from raw milk, it is safe to consume during pregnancy

Bleu de Wolvega (250gr)

An organic blue-veined cheese
This mild, organic, semi-hard blue cheese is the creation of Andries Andringa from Wolvega, a small village in Friesland. It is both creamy yet sharp, due to the blue veins and is delicious in green salads.

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