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Variety Pack with 6 special selected cheeses.

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Choosing from over 80 mouthwatering varieties of Dutch cheese to label “special” is no easy task. But we think we’ve succeeded! Delicious at the end of the day with a glass of wine or after a meal – each with a dreamy taste to be delicately savoured.

Deurninger Speciaal (300gr)

A Dutch cheese with a hint of the mountains
Age: approx. 6 months
Exceptional Dutch cheese made by Herbert Nijland on his farm in the village of Deurningen, near Hengelo. This cheese is rubbed with carefully selected bacterial cultures from the Austrian mountains giving it a very special flavour.

Boeren Truffelkaas (300gr)

A farmhouse Gouda with truffle
Age: approx. 5 months
An amazing creation from the Slob brothers on their farm in Bleskensgraaf, some 20 miles (30km) south of Gouda. Two brothers farm the milk from their 120-strong herd of cows, while the third brother specialises in making creamy, delicate cheese from fresh raw milk. Black Italian truffle makes this cheese truly irresistible.

Griene Tsiis (300gr)

A green coloured cheese with caraway
Age: approx. 4 months
There ’s a Frisian expression about this green cheese, which basically says if you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted it. Prepared from raw milk with caraway seeds, its green appearance comes from parsley which is added too.

Le Petit Doruvael (300gr)

A strong-smelling cheese from the Utrecht area
Age: approx 4 months
Creamy, aromatic, pasteurised farmhouse cheese from the Vlooswijk family in the small village of Montfoort, Utrecht . It ’s the special way in which the rind is prepared, by brushing it with a certain red cheese flora and ripened in a high humidity chamber that gives this cheese its pronounced scent.

Boeren Napoli (300gr)

A farmhouse cheese with tomato
Age: approx 5 months
Raw milk farmhouse Gouda-like cheese from the Vlooswijk farm in Montfoort village near Utrecht. To make the cheese Ab ads a mixture of garlic, tomato and black olives to his recipe, creating an Italian-style cheese.

Creamy Gouda cheese from buffalo milk (300)

A local cheese with a French connection
In the east part of Holland, near the little village Coevorden, Daine and Richard daily milk 150 water buffalos. From this milk the Kelder farmersfamily make this creamy buffalo cheese.

A waterbuffalo gives yearly about 2000 liter of milk, a regular dutch cow 8000 liter. this difference you will taste in the unbelieveble creamy cheese

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