Specialties package


A package with 6 specially selected Dutch cheeses. 1.8 kg


It is fun to put together a varied package from a total selection of 80 special Dutch cheeses. Just taste, piece by piece, cheeses to dream away.

Deurninger Special (300gr)
matured for about six months.
Special cheese, made by Herbert Nijland on his farm in the village of Deurningen, near Hengelo. The cheese is rubbed with a bacterial culture from the Austrian mountains, which gives the cheese a special flavor.

Farmhouse Truffle cheese (300gr)
matured for about five months.
This cheese is a great creation of the Slob brothers from the village of Bleskensgraaf, 30 km below Gouda. Two brothers run the farm with about 120 cows and the third brother specializes in making creamy, refined cheeses from fresh, raw milk.
The black truffle makes this cheese irresistible.

Griene Tsiis (300gr)
matured for about four months.
“Butter, Brea and Griene Tsiis, that is just a sizzling chin is gin Frisian”. This is Frisian for: “you must have eaten this Frisian cheese once in your life”. Prepared from raw milk with caraway seeds and parsley added.

Le Petit Doruvael (300gr)
Ripened for about four months.
Creamy, aromatic, pasteurized farm cheese from the Vlooswijk family from the village of Montfoort, near Utrecht. The special preparation of the crust, which is brushed with special red flora, and the special ripening in chambers with a high moisture content give this cheese its distinct smell.

Farmhouse Napoli (300gr)
matured for about five months.
Rauwmelkse, Gouda farmhouse cheese made by Ab Vlooswijk from the village of Montfoort, near Utrecht. During the cheese preparation, Ab adds a mix of garlic, tomato, and black olives. This ensures the Italian style of this cheese.

Buffalo Cheese from Drenthe (300gr)
made-up Gouda cheese made from creamy buffalo milk made in Coevorden
Just outside Coevorden is the farm of Diane and Richard. Every day they milk their 150 water buffalo at the farm. Kelder makes this creamy Buffalo cheese from this milk.
A water buffalo gives about 2000 liters of milk per year, a Dutch dairy cow 8000 liters. This is reflected in the incredible creaminess of this buffalo cheese

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Weight 1.8 kg