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A variety pack with the top 5 of most popular cheeses from our shop.

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A selection of cheeses to remember your visit to Amsterdam. Not been to our fair city? Then this selection is sure to give you a yearning! These are the most popular cheeses in our shop with wide appeal for everyone. The Beemster Jong Belegen is specially chosen for children.

Selected Old Gouda from Amsterdam(400gr.)

A hard & flavoursome cheese from North Holland
Age: 2 years old
We have selected this robust cheese after its 2-year slow aging process in a traditional warehouse. The cheese is made in the province of North Holland which has a reputation for the best pasteurised cheese in the country.

De Trots van Oud Ade (400gr.)

A farmhouse cheese and a lot of pride
Age: approx. 12 months
Living up to its name in Dutch, this really is the Pride of Oud Ade, a small village located in the western part of the Green Heart area. This is the home of traditional hand-made farmhouse cheese. All villagers share in the pride of cheese farmer, Jan van der Geest, who makes four of these cheeses every day!

40+ Leidse Belegen (400gr.)

Dry in textured and with cumin seed
Age: approx. 5 months
Pasteurised Leiden cheese with cumin seeds. Leiden cheese has a dryer structure than Gouda cheese. and therefore less fat. Once also available without cumin, today it ’s only really available with the seeds. Even as it ages Leiden cheese keeps it sweetness.

Boeren Stolwijker Boeren Stolwijker (400gr.)

Farmhouse cheese from Stolwijk
Age: approx. 12 months
Dry/creamy and with quite a strong taste, this cheese is produced near the small village of Stolwijk in the Netherlands ’ Green Heart, traditionally the home of our farmhouse cheese, where recipes are handed down through the generations. As this is a hard cheese from raw milk, it’s safe to eat when pregnant.

Beemster Jong Belegen (400gr.)

A selected mild Gouda cheese, Stompetoren
Age: approx. 4 months
Pasteurised cheese from the little village Stompetoren in North Holland, the province with the reputation for some of the best Gouda cheese in the country. It ’s the combination of the sea, the low lying Beemster polder and the age-old tradition of cheese making that gives this cheese its great creamy texture and delicious gentle, sweet taste.

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