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A variety pack with 6 sheep’s and goat’s cheeses.

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Woollen and Bearded

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Woollen and Bearded

A selection of sheep’s and goat’s cheeses. Pure and unadulterated, from smooth and creamy to hot and spicy. The Chèvre Bleu and Sheep’s Cheese from the picturesque island of Terschelling in Friesland are organic. Try the Chèvre Bleu cut into small cubes as part of a fresh green salad. Try this variety pack if you’re allergic to cow’s milk or simply prefer a lighter cheese.

Geitenkaas Fenegriek (300gr)

goat’s cheese with fenugreek
Age: approx. 4 months
Since 1909 this pasteurised goat’s cheese has been made by a farmers cheese cooperative in the village Rouveen near Staphorst. goat’s stomachs filter out the carotene present in grass giving it a white appearance. The fenugreek gives it a nutty flavour.

Bio Schaap Alblasserwaard (300gr)

Organic sheep’s cheese from near Gouda
Age: approx. 14 months
Almost one and a half years in the making on the Alblasserwaard polder, farmer André van Houwelingen is very proud of his efforts. And so he should be. Not only does he make delicious cheese but his farm also employs many people with disabilities. Enjoy every bite.

Geitenkaas Belegen (400gr)

A mild goat’s cheese
Age: approx. 5 months
Creamy, pasteurised and pure this goat’s cheese is made right at the top of North Holland. As with all goat’s cheese it is white in colour as carotene is filtered out of the digested grass while in the goat’s stomach to be used as a source of Vitamin A.

Bio Schaap Terschelling (300gr)

An organic sheep’s cheese
Age: approx. 4 months
Organic sheep’s milk from the stunning island of Terschelling. Jolanda and Gerben Bakker milk the 190 sheep on their farm in Oosterend from January until late October to produce this very special raw milk cheese by combining, nature, sea air and a lot of love and pride.

Bleu de Chèvre (250gr)

A blue cheese made with goat’s milk
Age: approx. 4 months
This pasteurised blue cheese from fresh goat’s milk is made at Bastiaansen’s Farm in the village Molenschot, South Brabant. Soft in structure but strong in taste, this cheese is perfect for salads.

Rouvener Geitenkaas oud (400gr)

An aged goat’s milk cheese
Age: approx. 12 months
Since 1909 this pasteurised goat cheese has been made by a farmers cheese cooperative in the village Rouveen near Staphorst. It’s white in colour as the goat filters out the grass’s carotene to use for Vitamine A, removing any orange/yellow colour.

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